Arman Izadi is an American businessman, leading hospitality entrepreneur and renowned social media insider.

Recognized as one of the world’s most successful avatars of viral media, he has built a team that has curated and powered the highest grossing nightclubs in the world, from Macau to Hollywood to Las Vegas, and has been instrumental in helping them achieve staggering margins.

He weaves over 15 years of event production and business development together with innovative media to create legendary experiences that move the needle for brands. This results in real business results, sales and success among the brands he chooses to partner with.

Izadi is the Creator of the hugely successful “Graffiti Mansion” project in Las Vegas, while working alongside influencers like Disney’s Jojo Siwa, Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Tanner Fox, Faze Rug and many more.

This, is his story…

The Beginning

Arman Izadi, or “Armani” as he is known, began life in sunny California. Irvine was ground zero for the making of what would become a serial entertainment entrepreneur.

Early Life & Group Home

His father leaving early on, Armani had a rough transition into adulthood. As a young teenager, his mother was taken to the hospital where she lapsed into a yearlong coma, but Armani refused to give up on her. Arguing with the doctors as a 15-year-old saved his mother’s life; Armani had to fight with them not to take her off life support and because of his single-handed efforts has been rewarded with 19+ more years with her and still counting. Armani had to grow up quickly and develop tenacity and grit that has propelled him to his success in business and media today.

Multi-Millionaire In Vegas

Armani started out in sales as a 17-year old working for a spa company selling monthly memberships on the streets. He quickly became the top salesman in the country and by age 18 was setting up offices in other major cities, training and hiring many more salespersons. He then added promotions and event management to his arsenal of skills when he joined a nationwide hip hop tour headlined by Suga-Free.

He landed in Vegas wide-eyed, but ready to work; and work he did. In a few short years, he became a multi-millionaire and nightlife pioneer.

King of Clubs

Armani won numerous awards for 6 years running, including “King of Clubs”, “Best Mood Director”, “Life of the Party”, and was also awarded a “Doctorate in Night Life". Rubbing shoulders with Casino and nightclub owners, he built his business from the ground up. Celebrities attended his penthouse / mansion parties; his name and face became synonymous with a VIP culture he helped to curate. The town loved him, and he loved it back. He brokered deals with every major casino company in the world: MGM Resorts International, Wynn Resorts, Sands Corporation and Caesar’s Entertainment, but he never lost his love of making the crowds smile and being a man of the people.

The Setup

In April of 2013, just after his birthday, he was set up by former Vice Unit detective Chris Baughman and apeared to be rail roaded by the Las Vegas DA’s office who had strong ties to detective Baughman. Later he married one of the susspected DA’s to be invloved, in what apears to be an effot to protect them from testifying against each other.

He was illegally sent to prison for a misdemeanor after refusing to be extorted by the mayor’s son. Detective Baughman had former employees of Izadi cornered on pandering charges admit to false evidence that resulted in almost 2 years of illegal incarceration.

The Comeback

In 2016 it came out in the news that Det. Baughman and his now wife, the D.A., had been alleged of tampering with evidence, coercing women to testify and make false claims, and working directly with powerful sex traffickers to wrongfully convict multiple people.

The entire Vice unit was shut down and combined with a new unit and a new captain. The Las Vegas Sheriff publicly acknowledged the detective’s behavior and insured that new officers were put in place that would not lose their way. The FBI has an ongoing investigation into these multiple counts of corruption, and Armani plans to sue the state government for millions.

Graffiti Mansion & The Paul Brothers

Izadi has always been able to spot trends early. He knew immediately that online platforms and social media would be major forces in business, society, and politics. When the Las Vegas October shootings of Route 91 Harvest rocked Las Vegas to its core, he painted his mansion as a homage to the victims with all things loved by Vegas.

By this time, Izadi already had a licensed mansion rental business and event production arm worth millions and had got back to a great place in his life. Soon after a video of his painted mansion tribute video went viral, he got a phone call from Logan Paul that his video was at 60 million views and would he like to come to Encino to paint a custom mural -- The answer? – Hell yes! After spending almost a year with Jake and Logan Paul, Izadi was able to achieve a triple growth in his business, go from zero to 500,000 followers on combined platforms, and turn his mansion into a world-famous exhibit courtesy of YouTube – The “Graffiti Mansion”.

Presently, Izadi lives a very creative, fast-paced life. “I love the rush of making a deal”, he says from the set of a million-dollar party he put together in 5 days what would take most companies 2 months and double the money. Never mind that Chris Brown, well-known artist Desiigner and every top influencer is calling it “The party of the year”, he is already on to the next deal — Ten times bigger than this one.